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Main » 2011 » June » 10 » ABOUT BIORESONANCE THERAPY
  Hello, dear guests !!!  If you are interested in a healthy life you are in the right place...
My name is Lyudmila Kuzmicheva,I live in Russia, in Saint-Petersburg. My interests concern some aspects of alternative medicine, such as bioresonance therapy,antioxidant therapy, color therapy and functional food.
This site  was created in order to tell people  about  bioresonance therapy and the devices of bioresonance therapy - the unique developments of Russian scientists of the company "BIOMEDIS". The devices are developed and produced by the company Biomedis and sold by the distributors of the MLM-company VIMGroup, so - I am one of its distributors.
All of us, scientists, workers,designers, distributors -are working to perform into life one  main idea: "HEALTH WITHOUT DRUGS!" 

The 21-st century is in the yard … isn`t it the time to forget the way to the doctor?...

 WHO (World Health Organization) officially recognized that adverse drug reaction and medical errors are already the 4th cause of death in many countries?...
Ahead are only a myocardium heart attack, a stroke and a cancer.
Poor environmental conditions, constant stress, the overall decline of immunity lead to significant deterioration of health, new diseases appear, old ones acquire more severe forms. Besides, the increase in the number of chronic diseases is accompanied by epidemics of allergies and fungal infections, including immune diseases.

A similar situation is also exacerbated by the following circumstances:

-high expectations for pharmacotherapy, turned out to be a failure;
- antibiotic resistant strains of microorganisms came into life
-allergic reactions to medications became almost typical;
-Almost all drugs have side effects

                         QUANTUM MEDICINE,
                                               Color Therapy
                                                                  in perspective directions of WHO for the next 30 years 
                                                                                        are  formulated as the most priority non-drug therapy direction.
Hence, our dialogue with doctors in the near future will look, approximately, so:
Let's look at a picture and  replace in mind  "OFFICE Computer ” (on the left) with your "House Computer”
After all nothing prevents us from receiving on our home computer the diagnostics file, send to us by our doctor, and then ,after we have done the diagnostics,we can sent it back to the doctor and receive a correction file … In fact,it really works like this , for example, in Color Therapy , which since 2002, is the basis of the Governmental Russian Federation State Health Program.

As to BRT-therapy, for people using BRT medical devices , simply disappear the sad necessity to visit doctors and polyclinics … and it is great! We finally get the opportunity to manage our own health.

I will write here about the electromagnetic therapy and biorezonance medical devices, advanced and unique developments of Russian scientists. These certificated devices and instruments protect us from the negative impact of technogenic civilization, activate the reserves of the human body, provide psychological comfort, preserve one’s potential for being healthy intellectually and physically  and, most importantly, prolong our lives.

A human person is the center of interaction of two interconnected systems of electromagnetic oscillations: the macrocosmos oscillations of the Universe and the microcosmos oscillations of our bodies and cells, molecules and atoms.
The newest findings in the area of biophysical and quantum mechanics and quantum physics led to remarkable development of bioresonance therapy In a way, this was an extension of EAV, the work of Dr. Voll who was the creator of EDS and who used DC currents to diagnose disease states via conductivity measurements of different body points.
As you know, every material is made up of atoms, whether it is a virus or bacteria or a human being. In turn atoms are made up of subatomic particles.

Physicists discovered that subatomic particles behave like energy and radiate energy into their surroundings in specific patterns, called waves.
Researchers have been able to analyze the distinct wave patterns, or oscillations, of normally-functioning body systems as well as the oscillations of allergens, viruses, bacteria, and toxins (for example, mercury).
This is not science fiction; you may already be familiar with heart currents measured by electrocardiography (ECG) and brain vibrations measured by electroencephalography (EEG).
The bioresonance is a therapy, which releases an organism from the pathogenic factors blocking energy of the organism.
Without side effects the bioresonance allows to reduce or completely remove medicine taking, restores the breached balance of the organism. It is an alternative way when it is impossible to achieve full effect with the help of the conventional therapy.

How Does Bioresonance Therapy treat?

We know that our organism is a source of weak electromagnetic oscillations.
These oscillations are called physiological, or harmonic. They are peculiar to a healthy organism. Sick organs do not oscillate harmoniously.
If a person falls sick , there appear the sources of new, pathological oscillations.
They lead to breach of physiological balance in the organism.
If the organism cannot support the balance between physiological and pathological oscillations by its own strength- the disease makes progress...
However, microorganisms also have their own unique spectrum of vibrations. Increasing the intensity of the radiation frequency of microorganisms or parasites, resonating with them and reinforcing the natural fluctuations of the spectrum, you can cause the death of a certain type of microorganisms.

This principle can be demonstrated by using an intense musical sound to break the glass: the glass molecules start to vibrate under the influence of musical sound, coming into resonance with it. Since all subjects have different resonance frequency, then only the glass breaks.There are hundreds of trillions of different resonant frequencies, and each species has its own molecules. 
Bioresonance therapy aims to decrease disturbed frequencies. It neutralizes pathological and restores physiological state of the organism.
An influence is performed on the cell level.. Healthy frequencies are introduced to re-balance the whole body and provide an environment where the body cures itself. This treatment therefore appears to have connections with the principles of acupuncture and homeopathy which rely on energy flow and imprinting of frequencies on aqueous solutions..
The application of frequencies to the body or water is usually by vibration, electromagnetic fields, or by light. This method allows for the treatment of a lot of diseases without pharmacology.
Based on bio-physics, energetic healing has no side-effects, uses no drugs and works well with both acute and chronic diseases.
BRT provides optimum health to those interested in athletics, longevity and quality of life.
It helps to improve your body’s Metabolism and Fat-burning abilities by using programs which focus on frequencies that precisely relate to Fat Metabolism and Carbohydrate Metabolism.

One can complements the bioresonance treatment with natural remedies, including homeopathics, nutritional therapies, Ayurveda, Bach Flower and other herbal remedies.
 It's an excellent compliment to pre-operative and post-operative procedures.
Also many veterinarians are presently using this technology with great success.
Thus due to the bioresonance therapy the algorithm of the disease is replaced by the algorithm of health.

And, since contactless devices don`t bring any alien energy into an organism, there is no possibility of overdose.

Medical Device  UNIVERSAL - PRO  provides this amazing and absolutely safe for patients treatment. 

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