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LIFE PROTECT direction
 All the blessings of civilization, which surround us - metro, cars, computers, cell phones, home appliances - are sources of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), providing a significant negative impact on our bodies.
Electromagnetic smog

We get up to the sound of an alarm-clock, turn on the electric kettle,a coffee maker,a juicer.  We prepare or heat up breakfast in a microwave oven, iron clothes, use a hair dryer ,shave with an electric razor.  
Then we plan our day, make appointments on a cell phone for meetings, switch on a computer to check e-mail. Then we leave the house and get into jams, this is again another portion of stress. 
We rush to the subway, trams, trolley buses, cars, planes and trains.  We are satisfied that the technological advances offered us more and more aid, saving our time and energy for solving everyday problems.
But often we do not consider that such convenient inventions of the last century are sources of electromagnetic radiation, very harmful to the human body. 
Our assistants at the same time take away from us the most precious thing - our health.
EMI is impossible to see that is why we are careless about it.  Meanwhile, if we summarize the electromagnetic radiation of all devices on the planet, then the level of the natural geomagnetic field of the Earth would be exceeded by a million times. 
 Mankind uses electrical device for over 100 years.
And as a result - in 1980-90-ies. we had the  substantial growth in the number of chronic diseases! Is it just a coincidence? 
 Imagine: the human body was being formed millions of years in the natural environment.
 Now the situation has changed dramatically, within a very short period of time, by historical standards - almost instantly. The human body can not withstand the consequences of such abrupt changes.One of the biggest risks -  electromagnetic fields that cause additional ionization of the plasma, changing the conductivity cell, red blood cells and lymphocytes, have a huge negative impact on a human body
 Why has the electromagnetic radiation  such a deleterious effect on our bodies?

The human body carries out the activity with the use of intra- and extra-cellular electromagnetic information. Thus, we ourselves are sources of  EMF of very low intensity. By means of electromagnetic information our cells transfer each other major orders, not subject to discussion. Having obtained such order, the cell instantly reconstructs its work: ceases to synthesize one, begins to create something other.
And now just imagine what can occur to a cell if it receives simultaneously tens of contradictory inconsistent orders …
 So do our cells when we undergo elecromagnetic radiation for a long time...
In 1979 the researchers Valthajmer and Liper found out the correlation between the high level of electromagnetic fields and the increase in number of malignant diseases of adults and children.

They stated that the strongest electromagnetic fields in a densely populated city are given by electrotransport.
For many years scientists considered trams, trolley buses, the underground and other similar means of transportation non-polluting and absolutely harmless to health

   However in January — February, 1994 the scientists of Petersburg carried out special monitoring of magnetic fields in St.-Petersburg. Measurements were made in the central disctricts of the city and on two geomagnetic observatories located in a distance of 30 and 90 km from Petersburg.
The results were shaking —the level of technogenic magnetic fields in a city was thousand times more than in its vicinities.
How to save the energy of life and health of human beings in limitless and ever-increasing electromagnetic radiation? 
 Scientists of many countries tried to answer this question..
The problem is complicated by the fact that the living cell operates at very high frequencies - from 30 to 70 billion cycles per second, but until recently did not even exist equipment for direct measurement.
But the situation is not absolutely desperate... Now we can present the special devices for protection against  EMF reducing the level of EMF to 98 %!!!
To solve the problem  of the protection from EMF could only a man who possessed not only the fundamental knowledge and vast experience, but also enormous creative intuition, gifted by God. 
 Such a person is a famous Russian scientist Valentin  Shubin, Ph.D., author of more than 180 patents in the field of high technologies.
At present, the development of this distinguished scientist can boldly be called  №1 product in Russia and abroad in the sphere of protection of a person against the negative impact of EMF.
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