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         Scientific and Production Company
   Biomedis М Physiotherapeutic Apparatus for Bio-resonance Treatment and Anti-parasitic Correction of the
      Medium  - Life Energy UNIVERSAL
                                                                          TU 9444-001-87530614-2008
                                                         Technical certificate
Biomedis М Physiotherapeutic Apparatus for Bio-resonance Treatment and Anti-parasitic Correction of the Medium - LIFE ENERGY UNIVERSAL (hereinafter "UNIVERSAL”) is designed for bio-resonance treatment (BRT) by exposure to electromagnetic oscillations which facilitate restoration of impaired by disease mechanisms of recovery and self-regulation on the basis of bio-resonance.
The UNIVERSAL device allows to administer bio-resonance exogenous therapy to a patient using electromagnetic fields with amplitude modulation (from 0.01 to 900000 Hz) and high precision of frequency adjustment. During this type of therapy, Voll, Schmidt, Rife and Clark frequencies are used.
 This type of therapy may be combined with any other methods of treatment, such as pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc.
 The device can be consistently used by multiple users.
Device Design
The device is a generator which radiates weak high-frequency electromagnetic fields with amplitude modulation of carrier frequency. The modulation frequency is set by a program (according to a chosen operation algorithm) with the use of a direct digital frequency synthesizer which allows achieving high precision of modulating frequency setting.
The device incorporates a liquid crystal graphical display with 128 x 64 dots definition, and a touch screen which simplifies operation of the device. Activities performed with the device are accompanied with audio signals.
The device remains operable even when the total supply voltage of the batteries is lowered down to 1.25 V.
The device may incorporate up to 30 treatment programs.
 Each program consists of a set of frequencies used in series for a specified period of time. The device is programmed so that the treatment programs make up treatment complexes. The number of treatment complexes in the device is limited to 10. Each program may be performed either separately or in the whole complex.
 The device is supplied with a USB port for loading programs and complexes. The same port is used as an input for power supply from an external source such as a personal computer or network adapter 5V with an appropriate plug.


Dimensions (no more than):
120х65х25 mm

Carrier frequency
24.000 – 28.000 МHz
Radiation powerNo more than 1 mW

Modulating signal frequency range
From 0 to 900000 Hz (with accuracy of 0.01 Hz)

Supply voltage
3 V. Two АА batteries.
The device is supplied with power from replaceable batteries that meet the electrical safety requirements for medical equipment.
 Indications for usage
1. Respiratory diseases.
2. Viral and microbial infections.
3. Blood diseases.
4. Geriatric diseases.
5. Depression.
6. Increased irritability.
7. Vascular diseases.
8. Immunodeficiencies.
9. Autoimmune diseases
10. Impotence.
11. Joints diseases.
12. Backbone/spinal diseases.
13. Liver diseases.
14. Pancreas diseases.
15. Cardiovascular diseases.
16. CNS diseases, cerebrosclerosis, brain function stimulation.
17. Renal diseases.
18. Muscular diseases.
19. Helminthiases.
20. Ophtalmologic/eye diseases.
21. Mycotic lesions.
22. Headaches.
23. Sleep disturbances.
24. Musculoskeletal system diseases.
25. Digestive system diseases.
26. Endocrine diseases.
27. Allergic diseases.
Contraindications for usage
 (based on Guidelines No.2000/74 of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation)
pregnancy (first trimester);
children up to 1 year of age (usage allowed under the doctor’s supervision);
pacemaker implant;
transplanted organ;
epilepsy (during a seizure episode),
convulsive syndrome (during a convulsion episode);
central nervous system congenital abnormalities;
acute psychotic excitation or intoxication.
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