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The comparison of the unit Life Energy Universal and its analogs
The new approach to the ancient method ...

    The method of electromagnetic therapy is rooted in antiquity. Over 2000 years ago in the Chinese traditional medicine appeared acupuncture as a way to combat various diseases affecting the system and the organs at certain points on the body. For a long time European doctors did not accept this treatment. The results of the German physician Reinhold Voll (1953) made ​​dramatically change our attitude to acupuncture in Europe. Scientists have shown that the therapeutic effect of electric current at acupuncture points depends not only on the strength of current as function of frequency. The fundamental nature of this discovery began to show up much later.
An Invisible Killer

Tthroughout the history of mankind medicine has been fighting with microscopic parasites: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminthes…Century by century epidemics and pandemics, kiledl millions. The reason was - invisible "killers." It seemed that immunizations, antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals and other drugs should lead to the disappearance of infectious diseases, but they are not getting less. Moreover, each year scientists identifiy new species, strains of microorganisms that become the cause of serious diseases, leading sometimes to death.

In 1920 Royal Raymond Rife invented the world's first heterodyne ultraviolet microscope and micromanipulator. Due to this complicated apparatus, he became the first person who actually saw the live virus. Rife painstakingly identified the individual emission spectrum of each microbe, creating a unique database of thousands of programs . Scientist increased natural fluctuations of parasites until they died, causing no harm to the surrounding tissue.

The modern market of electromagnetic therapy devices
 The method of electromagnetic therapy is displayed in dozens of models of anti-parasitic and therapeutic devices on the market today. All modern designers of electromagnetic therapy devices use Rife, Voll, Morel, Clarke frequences creating tools contact and non-contact tools for delivering them into the body .

Some years ago the Russian scientists developed devices of DETA series, manufactured by a private company near Moscow NNP "Elis".
Experience with these devices has shown the ability to create a fundamentally new tool to increase its efficiency, functionality and reliability. Therefore, in 2009 Moscow-based "Biomedis" company developed the device of a new generation Life Energy Universal.
This article compares the characteristics of the devices distributed on the market today.

Contact Devices: disadvantages and contraindications
Currently, there are a large number of devices that are divided according to the the principle of delivery the carrier signal into 2 groups: contact and contactless. All of them solve their problems effectively, without the use of drugs.

However, there are fundamental differences.
All contact devices use electrodes for a signal transmission of various type and a current is passed through a body  with frequency from 0,1 Hz to several кHz.
The problem of contact devices is in the fact that frequencies above 100 Hz hardly get inside, and because of fast weariness of active points(BAPs) on a surface of a skin and salty sweat (salty sweat – a conductor), form Skin-effect, thus spreading  not inside the body, but on a skin surface, and ,due to this,not reaching parasites inside the organism.
Moreover, because of an electric current of a rather big capacity brought in an organism, there are lots of contra-indications that strongly limits their application, especially in  home use.
Reducing power to a safe level at the same time leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the device.
What is  most importantly: there are many contraindications for use of contact devices .which greatly limit their use
The main ones are:

benign and malignant neoplasms,
Hereditary hemorrhagic anemia
bleeding disorder,
acute infectious diseases,
fevers of unknown etiology,
chronic infectious disease in the acute stage (tuberculosis, brucellosis, etc.)
decompensated heart disease, lung and other internal organs,
pneumosclerosis with a tendency to bleeding,
active rheumatic fever;
myocardial infarction up to two months old;
venous thrombosis and embolism in the acute stage;
drastic depletion;
congenital central nervous system;
the presence of the patient's implanted pacemaker;
individual intolerance to electric current,
damage and skin diseases,
acute pain syndromes of uncertain origin
the state of acute mental excitement or intoxication.

Today, the development of new contact devices stopped because of their low efficiency and a large number of contraindications.  But some companies, nevertheless, continue to produce these out-of-date contact bioresonance devices to which they got accustomed during 10-15 years of manufacturing .

Contactless devices: get parasites anywhere
Unlike contact devices, contactless ones don`t not require connecting electrodes to acupuncture points. You can use the device, doing housework, while working or walking. It also guarantees a security against damage to own bio-field of person.

Contactless devices of the 1st generation DETA-AP and DETA-Ritm
In contactless devices of the 1st generation (DETA-Ap and DETA-Ritm by Sergey Konoplev) the electromagnetic impulse is bearing and it influences parasites wherever they are.
Since contactless devices don`t bring any alien energy in an organism, they have no such an extensive list of contra-indications, as contact devices.
General contraindications for use of contactless devices:

pregnancy (first trimester);
the presence of an implantable pacemaker;
epilepsy (seizure),
convulsions (seizure); congenital malformations of the central nervous system;
state of acute mental excitement or intoxication.
 However, it is necessary to mention that the developers of contactles devices of the 1st generation chose a simple way for generating a signal – by division of a signal of the clock generator by an integer, using thus either the built- in timers of the processor (CPU), or having organized a program divider that provides the necessary accuracy of 0.01 Hz. only in a range to 100 Hz.
Thus, in these devices the basic lack is the impossibility of exact reproduction of a medical signal that often prevents to reach peak efficiency at treatment of some diseases.

The contactless device of a new generation Life Energy Universal
   In 2010 the long-term work carrying out at the Russian enterprise "BIOMEDIS" (Moscow) ended successfully and now the device realizing unique techniques of Royal Rife, became available to a wide range of consumers. The medical device of bioresonance and antiparasitic therapy «UNIVERSAL» has more than 2 thousand medical therapeutic programs and uses hundreds of frequencies selected by Rife for destruction of the broadest spectrum of parasites,protozoa, bacteria and viruses.

It is necessary to consider that actual destruction of various viruses and bacteria, etc. can not always be achieved by applying only a single frequency, as it most often realized in the low-cost devices.
The device Life Energy Universal became the first in a line of next-generation devices.
It has a number of advantages compared to the first generation devices:

1.The unique accuracy of the frequency of exposure

 It is well-known that a body consists of 70-80% water, and absorption of electromagnetic waves (EMW) by the body depends exactly upon the absorption coefficient of water.
In LifeEnergy Universal a carrier frequency  is  24.576 Hz .
At the  beginning it is the carrier frequency that carries this energy into the body. A form of modulation of the carrier distributes this energy in time, ie, determines the frequency with which energy is introduced into the body.

Further, when the frequency of patient body "drags" at the right frequency range, the energy will be generated during normal metabolic processes.
Thus, the frequency of the carrier is not a critical parameter in this method of electromagnetic therapy.
Different modes of operation of the device (anti-parasitic or therapeutic treatment) differ only by the modulating frequency. That's why the exact values ​​of the modulating frequency, not the carrier frequency, determines the therapeutic efficacy of the device

The main advantage and know-how of "Universal” - is a frequency synthesizer, which allows you to accurately set the modulating frequency (exactly, not in increments of 10 Hz, as implemented in devices DETA), and to convey to the body the necessary information without loss.

Unlike their predecessors, Universal generates therapeutic signals using the method of direct digital frequency synthesis (DDS), which allows for high precision frequency setting.
The device «Universal» uses  DDS with 32 bit phase accumulator, which allows you to set the frequency to within 0.00186264514923095703125 Hz across the frequency range from 0,001 to 4,000,000 Hz!
 Such a frequency accuracy ensures maximum exposure treatment effect, not achievable in the first-generation of devices.
For achievement of full success it is necessary to use a set of frequencies developed by R.Rife as well as to drink large quantities of clean (better structured) water.

2. Just one device is enough.

Life Energy Universal for the first time combines the functions of both therapeutic and antiparasitic device.

This stands for:
1.Maximizing the impact of using a single device
3.Substantial cost savings for the customer

3. Graphic Touch Panel Control

Such a distinctive feature of the Life Energy Universal, as the use in the nterface a graphical display and touch panel is a clear advantage over their predecessors. At any time you can put the work unit to the "pause" and restart work at the right time, it was not possible in the first-generation devices.
Another  distinctive feature of the Universal, is that any time you can put the operation of the appliance to the "pause" and resume work at the right time, it was not possible in the devices of the first and second generation to generation.
4. The possibility of rapid "re-flashing" of the instrument

The device has the highest flexibility in terms of firmware replacing all the user interface when necessary. This means that when new programs appear it can be reprogrammed to provide new functionality in a short time.

5. The device works much longer

The next distinctive feature of Universal is the use of a step-up voltage converter.

What does it give?

For the stable work of the microprocessor, as well as the graphic indicator it is required that the supply voltage of the device was lying within certain limits.
For the CPU it is usually in the range from 2,7 to 5,5.

It turns out that when we use as a power source two AA batteries with a decrease in the total voltage in them below 2.7 V, the device simply stops working (or not working correctly, the processor runs, but the indicator does not display the data, not to mention the decrease of radiation intensity).

Besides, the lack of up-converter doesn`t allow to use (instead of of AA batteries) rechargeable batteries, saving a lot of money for long-term operation of the device.
In the device Life Energy Universal the voltage boost converter is used , with an efficiency of 98%, which allows to keep the voltage on the power line  at 5 V with an input range from 0.8 to 6 V.
This increases the working time of the device without replacing the battery, and most importantly, the user can be confident in the stability of the radiation intensity.

These advantages allow us to speak about the medical device Life Energy Universal as the latest development in the field of electromagnetic therapy really helping people to solve their health problems.

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