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The history of creation of Life Energy Universal
            More than 3000 years ago Chinese doctors cured people using the method of "acupuncture"
In classical acupuncture injection with gold or silver needles are used in a well-defined point on the skin (the biologically active point, or BAT), which is a projection of the acupuncture points, lying in the lower layers of skin and subcutaneous tissue at a depth of 2-3 mm.
A set of points associated with the body, called meridians, or channels.
Millennia-old experience of Chinese traditional medicine has shown that meridian system provides information about the state of the organism. Thus through the BAP one can actively influence the organism.
               The method of acupuncture is the result of observations of many generations of doctors and scientists from China, India, Egypt, from ancient times til today.
However for a long time European doctors did not accept this treatment.

But  the results of the German physician Reinhold Voll (1953) made dramatical change in this attitude to acupuncture in Europe.

The scientist discovered the electric (electromagnetic) nature of the phenomenon and introduced the term "electropuncture" instead of classical acupuncture. As a result acupuncture diagnosis and treatment received a powerful impetus to further development
In addition, R. Voll discovered that the therapeutic effect of electric current at acupuncture points depends not only on the strength of current but on its frequency. It turned out that sometimes very little frequencies can lead to essential results in the treatment. The fundamental nature of this discovery was understood much later. Later the experimental data showed that receptors are no more than receivers of electromagnetic fields in the frequency range from several to tens of hertz.

Further development of the new therapy based on the results of numerous studies by R. Voll, 1993; F. Morel, 1989; E. Rashe, 1989 W. Ludwig, 1983, etc. were testifying to the fact that there is an opportunity to use non-contact electromagnetic influence to impose a signal that simulates the biopotential of own health, resulting in gradual elimination of pathological changes without the use of other medical facilities.

Creating electromagnetic therapy devices was the next step in the treatment of pathologies by the electromagnetic correction.

Throughout its history medicine has been fighting with microscopic parasites: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths.
At all times epidemics and pandemics killed millions.

It might seem that immunizations, antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals (and other anti-) drugs should lead to the disappearance of infectious diseases, but they are not getting less. Moreover, each year identifies new species, strains of microorganisms that become the cause of serious diseases, leading sometimes to

In 1920-ies. the American scientist Royal Raymond Rife invented the world's first heterodyne ultraviolet microscope and micromanipulator. Due to this complicated apparatus, he became the first person who actually saw the live virus. Rife painstakingly identified the individual emission spectrum of each microbe, using the using a slit spectroscope attachment.
He slowly rotated block quartz prisms to focus light of a single wavelength on a microorganism, which he investigated.
This wavelength was selected because it resonated with the spectral part of the radiation of a microbe, based on the now established fact that every molecule oscillates at its natural frequency. Atoms are combined into a molecule and form a specific molecular configuration with energy constraints.
This configuration emits and absorbs its own well-defined spectrum of electromagnetic waves.
No two different molecules have the same electromagnetic oscillations or energy spectrum. Resonance amplifies light in the same manner as the two ocean waves intensify each other when merge together.
This increases the intensity of the radiation frequency which resonate with these microbes.
Scientist increased their natural oscillations until they died of radiation, which, however, does not harm the surrounding tissue. Royal Raymond Rife called this frequency of "mortal oscillatory rate, or MOR.
Besides the already known bacteria, viruses and other parasites, Royal Raymond Rife in the 1920's. identified the human cancer virus! He documented everything with film, photographs, and meticulous records. He named the cancer virus 'Cryptocides primordiales.'

The result of treatment diseases, including cancer, with the help of the new resonance method was 100% ...

But,alas,the further history of Rife`s discovery was very sad...

Powerful opponents of Rife`s method in the pharmaceutical industry destroyed the 50-year-old work of the great scientist.

                                However, fortunately, manuscripts do not burn...


Rife`s technology became public in 1986 with the publication of the article by Barry Lynes «The Cancer Cure That Worked».

In Russia the continuer of the work of the great American master became ...

  Much was done to the development of this line by the young, but talented and ambitious company "Biomedis "
The company`s motto is to raise to a new level the quality of life and human health, to maximize the active longevity.

The scientists, engineers and physicians of Biomedis aim to create various techniques, systems, devices in the area of ​​energy medicine.
Due to this in 2005, the Research Institute for Energy and Biotechnology was founded.
Royal Rife, became available to a wide range of consumers.

In 2008 the Scientific Production Company "Biomedis" was opened and received the Registration Certificate of Ministry of Health of Russia.

In 2009, the license for manufacture of instruments was received
In 2010 – Biomedis got an access to Russian markets and abroad

In 2010 the long-term work carryied out at the Russian enterprise "BIOMEDIS" (Moscow) ended successfully and now the device realizing unique techniques came into life.
The medical device of bioresonance and antiparasitic therapy «UNIVERSAL -PRO» has more than 2 thousand medical therapeutic programs and
uses hundreds of frequencies selected by Rife for destruction of the broadest spectrum of parasites,protozoa, bacteria and viruses.


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