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The medical device Universal Pro
 Medical device «UNIVERSAL PRO » is intended for bioresonance therapy restoring the mechanisms of self-recovering .
 The device is designed for bioresonance exogenous therapy by electromagnetic fields with peak modulation (from 0,01 to 900000 Hz), with split-hair accuracy of installation of frequency
 For this kind  of therapy frequencies of Voll, Clark, Schmidt, Rife are used.
This  therapy is combined with any other kinds of treatment, such as pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc.
 Each program consists of a set of frequencies which are carried out consistently with definite duration.
 Medical complexes are compiled of medical programs installed in the device .
There is a possibility to execute both each program separately, and a complex as a whole.
For the purpose of reflashing the device is supplied with USB-port (it is used for loading programs and medical complexes from the computer, with proper software).
 The same port can be used as an input to power the unit from external power source, such as the personal computer or AC adapter for 5 volt   with a corresponding socket.
The device can consistently be applied by several users. The device can be completed  with external optional interfaces (such as manual electrodes, the plasma generator of the microwave field).
■ More compact!
Built-in programmer!
■ The indicator of the level of a battery charge
■ Power from batteries, AA-battery, from the computer, from the network, from your car cigarette lighter
■ Exogenous Voll-therapy
■ antiparasitic Rife Therapy
■ The possibility of expanding the functions using the optional external interfaces:hand electrodes (Module "Contact"), a plasma generator of the microwave field (Module "Plasma")
Hand electrodes (Module "Contact") are intended for:

1.Exogenous bioresonance electrotherapy of a patient with sinusoidal currents of variable frequency (from 0.1 to 10,000 Hz) (therapeutic and antiparasitic program)
2. Endogenous bio-resonance therapy using electromagnetic waves in the frequency range from 0 to 100 MHz, typical of the patient. 

Hand electrodes (Module "Contact") add to the standard kinds of treatment some more:

■ Just with the help of Module "Contact" alone:
1. Exogenous Voll -therapy
2. Antiparasitic Rife Therapy
3. Endogenous therapy

Combined : module "Contact" + non-contact therapy

4. Exogenous Voll -therapy
5. Antiparasitic Rife Therapy
Plasma generator of the microwave field (Module "Plasma") allows  to add three more kinds of therapy!

■  Module "Plasma" allows to conduct:

6. Exogenous Voll -therapy
7. Antiparasitic Rife Therapy
8. EHF-therapy!

Principally speaking it is a generator –emitter of HF electromagnetic field of weak intensity with amplitude modulation of carrier frequency.
The modulation frequency is set programmatically (according to the chosen algorithm of work) by means of a synthesizer with direct digital synthesis of frequency.
Thanks to the application of  the latter, a split-hair accuracy  installation of modulating frequency is reached.
The device, unlike the previous models can produce the modulating signal directly to the external optional interface  (hand electrodes, a plasma generator of the microwave field, etc.)
 The device is equipped with LCD graphic display. Manipulations with the device are accompanied by sound signals- with a beep..
The device keeps the working capacity at lowering the total voltage supply to the battery down  to 1.25 V.
 40 treatment programs and  10 medical complexes can be loaded In the device.
 Each program consists of a set of frequencies carried out consistently. It is possible to do either  each program separately or a  complex as a whole.
To download the software the unit is equipped with a USB port. The same port can be used as input to power the unit from external power source, such as a PC or AC adapter for 5 volt with an appropriate connector.
Very soon we can see one more external optional interface - A therapeutic and diagnostic module "Pulse"!

                                           THE COMPARISON OF THE DEVICE  UNIVERSAL AND  UNIVERSAL PRO.
To compare these 2 devices we should refresh in the memory the exact definition of BRT,so –what is it?
BRT is the treatment by endogenous and / or exogenous electromagnetic waves of low intensity of strictly defined shape and frequency, causing the resonant response in the body.
Accordingly, at present we must distinguish two main types of therapy:

· Endogenous BRT - a therapy by the own electromagnetic oscillations of the human body after their special processing.
The essence of the offered method is  that the hardware-software complex reads out the information from active points of acupuncture , processes it, allocates physiological and pathological fluctuations- then strengthens the first and weakens the second.
The corrected fluctuations come back to the patient in certain peak and phase parities in the form of the strengthened medical information
During therapy, the patient and the device form the closed contour of adaptive regulation, allowing the body to use its own abilities to return to physiological homeostasis.

· Exogenous BRT – it`s a therapy by external signals ,for example,of magnetic fields created by special generators, to which separate organs and systems of the human body have resonant response.
 It is the influence on the body with fixed frequencies obtained by experimental methods, calculations, using vegetative resonance test (ART), kinesiology testing, radionics.
 It it possible to influence the pathological lesions in the body - the cysts, abscesses, various types of psoriasis, and more.
For example,it was found that low-frequency electromagnetic field of 0.01, 0.04, 75, and 80 Hz is capable to increase the number of leukocytes (protective white blood cells) in peripheral blood, and the frequencies 0.06, 0.9, 1.0; 11 and 26 Hz - to reduce their number.
The new generation of the bioresonance devices Universal Pro has some very significant improvements.
First of all,Universal and Universal Pro have a synthesizer with direct digital synthesis of frequency(DDS) where modulation frequencies are set programmatically (according to the chosen algorithm of work)
 So they both are able to conduct :
  Exogenous Voll-therapy 
  Antiparasitic Rife Therapy
But UNIVERSAL PRO additionally can produce the modulating signal directly to the external optional interface
1.Module "Contact" allows to apply Endogenous therapy
2. Module Plasma allows to apply EHF-therapy
Besides the device Universal can be reprogrammed only with the help of the external Programmer ,at the same time Universal Pro has a built-in programmer
 + some nice technical improvements rather important for users, such as :

1. The indicator of the level of a battery charge

2.Power from batteries, AA-battery, from the computer, from the network, from your car cigarette lighter
You have an opportunity to purchase this NOT HAVING ANALOGUES device right now!
Its price, with all its new possibilities and built - in programmer – 700$!

Discounts for partners  up to 30%    Ask me how to become a partner
The price of Module "Contact" - 125$.
The price of Module "Plasma" -
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5 Onn ariffin  
Does this defice do diagnostic.? How much does it cost? Is it in english version? Will it be connected to a computer

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Have you observed any differences between Universal Pro and DELTA 1000+ ?

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4 milaru  
I don`t work with DELTA what can I observe? smile But nevertheless - I have such a comparison...
Delta requires more competency and special medical knowledge
Though it was developed on the basis of experience, received after the work with Universal., it is 3 times less powerful than Universal. It includes basical frequencies which one can add ,improve and edit on his own

Universal is meant for people who has not medical education and includes only standard programmes. focused on "the average" patient
The work with Universal requires much less special knowledge. As Universal is three times more powerful than Delta, it is necessary to apply this efficiency taking into account consultations of experts.
Therefore it is limited by a quantity of programs and complexes

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What is EHF therapy?

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2 milaru  
About this therapy you can read here "Plasma generator of the microwave field (Module "Plasma")"
or here

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