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Life Protect devices by Shubin
       We offer you just a few facts, found out  by the U.S. researchers :

- For the majority of women working on computers during pregnancy the probability of miscarriage approached to 80%; because of the abnormal developing of the fetus.
- among electricians a brain cancer developes 13 times more than among workers of other professions;

- A signal from the handset penetrates into the brain to the depth of 37.5 mm.

By the standards of the U.S. power transmission lines must be held at a distance of 1,000 meters from the premises (in Russia and Ukraine - 50 meters).

Back in 1999 The European Community (EC) recommended to their governments to restrict the use of portable telephones.

The criminal liability of parents for application by their children of cellular telephones is entered into Bangladesh.
In England children under 16 are forbidden to use mobile phones
Russian State Duma held a first reading of the "Law on the Protection of the population from electromagnetic radiation." …
By this time 4 International Congresses concerning action of electromagnetic radiations have passed. The medical science has drawn an unanimous conclusion:
But is there any protection against electromagnetic radiations? - Yes,now we have such protection!
   Now we have  individual protective devices by Doctor of Technical Sciences  Shubin, designed for effective protection against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.
They have been successfully tested and approved by the Federal Center for Sanitary Inspection of Russia, Ministry of Health of Russia, as well as various research institutes, relevant to the issue, and are protected by patents, and expert opinions
What are  Individual protection devices?
They are adapting, not medicinal, devices where plates of different geometrical forms of special alloy,  processed on the special generator are located.
They protect a  person against  electromagnetic radiation, improve his  biofield and strengthen  IMMUNITY,  thus helping  a human body to struggle with illnesses and environment adverse effects (stresses, viruses, bacteria, magnetic storms, etc.).
But it is  not all!
 At carrying out more than 7000 researches on the volunteers applying protection devices, the following  therapeutic effects were confirmed:
• The improvement of the immune system;
•The improvement of state of health;
• The removal of "fatigue syndrome" and pain;
• The improvement of associative memory;
• the deceleration of the process of gall and kidney stone formation;
• The improvement of the parameters and characteristics of blood;
• In less reliance on human pressures;
• The increasing of size and reduction of nonlinearity of a biofield;
• The increase in speed of healing of burns and wounds;
• The increase in activity and potency of sperm;
• The reduction of biological age;
• The improvement of the cardiovascular system.
 Shubin`s inventions are a series of devices united by a common principle of action, which not only reduce,but also  neutralize the harmful electromagnetic radiation, virtually attacking the modern mankind.
They include:
The effect is based on the neutralization the definite spectrum of electromagnetic radiation and promotes adequate adaptation of the person to external influence. When in a zone of harmful radiation «Neutralizer » creates powerful defencive force directed on attenuation of radiation in the frequency range most dangerous to the person (42–68 GHz). Thus in an operative range of the device (1 meter ) harmful radiation of a cellular telephone is almost completely extinguished. For maximum effect it is necessary to place the device into a mobile phone - on or under the accumulator.
"Garmonizer ", unlike all previously created devices, has two matrixes
The device represents rejector filter in the form of short-circuited coils of the certain sizes made of special alloys, with some technological and constructional features which are "know-how". The device protects its owner from powerful technogenic radiation of electrotransport, radio- and television broadcasting stations, stations of mobile communication, electric mains etc. which in big cities exceeds admissible norms in tens and hundreds times.
"Garmonizer by Shubin" solves a problem in a complex, combining in itself both "barrier" function, and restoration of natural communication of a biofield of the person with an electromagnetic field of the Earth.
This structurer can be of irreplaceable help in every house,because water treated by the structurer exerts a positive effect on all physiological systems of human, animal organism and plants and contributes to the normalization of their functioning.
The structured water eliminates free radicals , being a powerful antioxidant. At present there are lots of devices created for this purpose ,but Water Structurer designed by Shubin is considered the best ,because it erases the negative information which the water might receive during a day
The "Universal Keeper" represents 4 layers of applicators stuck together . The device radiates nothing, only redistributes and reduces streams of EMR from electric devices. Clinical research has shown improvement in health of thousand volunteers. Also the "Universal Protector" completely closes Gamma radiation more than 300 mk/sec.
Shubin managed to find combinations of applicators which would lead to qualitative increases in immune system as only the immune system protects our organism from all illnesses! He also has found out that the created device is able to change taste and color of some products because of spatial redistribution of the fields caused by a configuration and weights of figures being in matrix
Pay attention!
Protection devices are just adapting means, not a medicine. They don`t radiate anything or contact with the organism. They change the level and polarization of EMR around ,thus helping to remove electromagnetic anomalies and to restore immunity system which struggles with many sores.
Some words about Valentine Shubin...

  Valentin E. Shubin - Doctor of Technical Sciences, the expert in the field of space medicine, electromagnetic safety and defensive technologies.

■ In 1966, Valentine E. SHUBIN received an invitation to work in the city of Zelenograd ,where in 1972 he defended his thesis, and thenin 1982 he worked at the Institute of Nuclear Research in Dubna, where he got the doctoral degree in solid state physics "Protection quartz oscillators of continuous and pulsed gamma-neutron irradiation, "and worked there until November 1988.
■ c 1970 to 1976 - Professor of radio engineering disciplines in the MEIS, MIET.
■ 1980 to 1988gg. at the Research Institute of Precision Mechanics, Valentin Shubin is developing, manufacturing and testing equipment special protection.
■ 1988 to 1997 - General director of "ELMIT" with specialization: electronic and medical equipment, precision measurements on the instructions of the Ministry of Defence, Emergencies and the Ministry of Health.

Since August 2001 Valentine Shubin has been the permanent Supervisor of studies of the Centre of Scientific Center "Golden Wave" which he himself founded for working out of the most perspective protection devices against influence of electromagnetic radiations of technogenic character, geopathogenic zones, medical aspects of application of such protection and also decrease in activity of nitrates in foodstuff.

■ In 2000 at Seoul University (South Korea) "Protection devices against energy impacts",created by Shubin , won the trials against devices "CLARUS" workings out by Stendfordsky university of the USA, the State of California.

■ In December of 2004. Dr. Shubin was awarded the International Charitable Fund "Patrons of the Century" and included in the Golden Book of the nation.
■ twice (in April 2006 and 2008.) he was awarded diplomas of the Russian Union of Manufacturers - "For outstanding achievements in production activity, development and application of advanced technologies, produce competitive products."
■ In April, 2007. Chairman of the Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Kirill, now - the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, wished V. Shubin - "God's help in the work for the benefit of people" and has presented the book "The word of the pastor."


■ The author of three books,
■ Author of more than 30 articles
■ It has over 180 patent applications and patents for inventions
■ More than 100 copyright certificates
■ 16 Russian patents for medical devices of general application,
■ received 28 RF patents for devices protecting people from radiation.

Last specialization: protection devices against EMF of the offered technical decisions are protected as inventions by Patents of Russia: RU №№ 2139029, 2139108, 2140796, 2140797, 2147894, 2151619, 2163153, 2163154, 2167678, 2171697, 2173187, 2173188, 2177342, 2183482, 2186585, 2186586, 2186590, 2206945.
The expert in quartz oscillators and precision measurements: capacities, phases, frequencies, temperatures, to temperature regulators and protection of the person against EMF, including the weak, superweak and background nuclear.

Today Life Protect devices by Shubin is the best scientific and technical solution, that passed through a complete cycle of experiments and tests, and was awarded Russia's first mandatory certificate for EMP protection device in 2002.

The world of a modern person is full of sophisticated electronic equipment...Will it be a harmonious and safe - depends on us. And if we want to, individual protection devices against electromagnetic radiation by Dr. Shubin will help us in it.
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