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The Garmonizer by Shubin
    "Garmonizer ", unlike all  other Shubin`s   devices, has two matrixes 
The device represents rejector filter in the form of short-circuited coils of  certain sizes made of special alloys, with some technological and constructional features which are "know-how".
 The device protects its owner from powerful technogenic radiation of electrotransport, radio- and television broadcasting stations, stations of mobile communication, electric mains etc. which in big cities exceeds admissible norms in tens and hundreds times.
"Garmonizer by Shubin" solves a problem in a complex, combining in itself both "barrier" function, and restoration of natural communication of a biofield of the person with an electromagnetic field of the Earth.

"Garmonizer by Shubin" makes positive impact on a functional state of cardiovascular and nervous systems, promotes improvement of associative memory. Devices promote improvement of the general state of a human body as a whole, improvement of a psychoemotional background, increase of working capacity and other positive factors, including improvement of men`s sexual potency.
Mind the other very important feature of this device. The human body under the conditions of the aggressive electromagnetic environment spends to 80 % of the energy for indemnification of such influence and only 20 % — on the decision of internal problems of an organism. Having protected itself, we liberate this resource that allows to solve the majority previously unsolveble problems. How to Use
The radius of effective impact is 3 meters.
For most efficiency , itis recommended to have it no furtherthan 1м from the body, but better - to keep it constantly close on the body as we are constantly are under the harmful influence of electromagnetic fields.
When you have pains - put a card in a sore area.
Better hold the protection device in the field of a solar plexus since it operates as protection against negative influence of the person, - a malefice, damage, etc. It is recommended to use one device for one person-individually.
The device strengthens positive effect of medicines , food additives (BAA), vitamins.
In the course of such physiotherapeutic procedures as UHF, quartz, balneology, etc. - the device strengthens their medical action.
Don`t keep the individual device «Garmonizator Shubina» together with magnetic travel and bank cards, in order to avoid their degaussing.
In case of X-ray therapy remove it since it weakens the influences of X-ray therapy on a human body.
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