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The Water Structurer by Shubin
           The Water Structurer by Shubin
Health and wellness depend greatly on water quality,because the human body is about 70-80% water.Healthy water has 4 to 7 times smaller water clusters than ordinary tap water - smaller water clusters penetrate better cell membranes and your body is better hydrated.
This water is 5-10 times richer in oxygen than ordinary tap water.
 In a healthy water the water crystals look like snowflakes                Here you can see the structure of tap water.
 This structurer can be of irreplaceable help in every house,because water treated by the structurer exerts a positive effect on all physiological systems of human, animal organism and plants and contributes to the normalization of their functioning.
The structured water eliminates free radicals , being a powerful antioxidant.
At present there are lots of devices created for this purpose ,but Water Structurer designed by Shubin is considered the best ,because it erases the negative information which the water might receive during a day.
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1 Michael Nah  
Dear Sir/Madam, What is the difference between The Water Structurer and MRET machines? Many thanks and cheers!

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