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Pets -our friends and healers
                Pets can help in the treatment of diseases and even cure them!
For several years "animalhterapy" - the science of treating with animals -has been actively developing in the world .
Animaltherapests work in nursing homes, children's hospitals, rehabilitation centers and even the U.S. Army, and in UK pharmacies one can even buy a "healing" white cat .

But how do pets affect us? Where are they hiding their secret?

Special studies have shown that when people stroke a cat,  their heart rate and blood pressure are reducing, muscle contracture is decreasing, digestion improving .
It`s because our cats and dogs are paranormalists .

They clearly distinguish the negative energy that comes from the patient's body. Fluffy psychics correctly finds a sore spot and presses against it, purring and warming. According to the results of another study in the places where pets live the level of bacterial contamination is much smaller !
Any four-legged friend , regardless of the appearance and breed,can be a physician for you . The only thing needed is that you should love him and take care of him. Then, in response to your love, he will reward you many times.
Cats are "prescribed " at hypertension, rheumatism, heart attacks, insomnia, gastric ulcer, gastritis, bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza, depression, neurosis and nervous breakdowns.
 Cats brighten loneliness,bring  comfort, reduce blood pressure. Their aura stabilizes the functioning of the heart, relieves joint pain, headache stimulates rapid healing of injuries, cures internal inflammatory diseases.
Cats have an amazing ability to find the place of the body where there is a "problem." Cat feels when you are angry or when you face a heart attack. Her obsessive affection warn that your energy fails, it's time to take the medication.

American scientists discovered that cat`s purring is not just a nice sound, but also an effective treatment! It occurs at a frequency between 22 and 44 hertz, and vibrations at that frequency accelerates cell regeneration. It is noteworthy that this frequency also improves the condition of human bone tissue. Therefore, contact with domestic cats actually improves health.

    Dogs soothe, ease tension, protect from heart attacks, pressure surges, headache, colic, relieve pain syndrome with radiculitis and neuralgia, heal inflammation. Indispensable for various skin diseases: they can cure even sores.
Psychologists believe that the dog, expressing loyalty to the owner, renders him unqualified and invaluable psychological support, which is even greater than the force to support a loved one. If you are doing important work - whether it be writing a diploma, repairing apartments or finding a job - the presence of a dog helps you to cope with the problem and save energy.
Treatment with a dog - a valuable form of psychotherapy that promotes the return of the patient in the real world. Scientific reaffirmed the important role of nonverbal communication with the dog - eye contact, touch, facial expressions, gestures. According to it dogs are used abroad in psychiatric hospitals for the treatment of patients with disorders of communication, refusing to communicate, fully immersed in themselves, and also in the treatment of deaf patients.

Debts need to be paid back !

Our pets also suffer!

Animals, like humans, often have asymptomatic parasitic diseases . Rather there are some non-specific symptoms, most often disguised as minor physical disorders.
Slight diarrhea? -Pobably,the dog has eaten something.
The cat has become somehow dull? - Let her eat vitamines a little.
Do you know many pet owners who regularly examine their pet`s lymph nodes?
Infestation - a parasitic disease, having not local, but systemic effects on the animal.

It gradually develops a set of interrelated abnormalities, again masquerading as a variety of diseases. The neurotoxic effects of toxins of worms leads to disruption of neural regulation of not only physiological but also psychiatric functions of the animal. The deepest and most difficult to treat disorders develop in the immune system .
And immunodeficiency leads not only to weakening of the resistence ability of animals from all other infections, but also, ultimately, to his premature aging.
Nowadays animals as well as people have to face more and more parasites that have previously never met. Now not only people travel abroad . Pets also travel with their owners.
Among the parasites, there are all gradations of the forms from strictly specific,that live only in one host, to species whose host range is extensive.
The concept of specificity in practical terms is important because the more specific the parasite to its host, the less damage it causes.
The direction of the evolution of parasite - a parasite with the least harm to the host. This is logical - it is better to live in the host for a long time producing as many eggs or cysts to infect any other hosts than quickly lead the master to death.
The most common parasitic worms - worms with a direct means of transmission, ie through the eggs. This is a roundworm, or nematode.
Now let's look at how we treat animals?
The organisms of animals are not programmed to synthetic antibiotics, vitamins and other chemical compounds. In each animal nature has created a natural non-pharmacological regulation of homeostasis, but many doctors have completely forgotten about it. The massive use of chemical compounds in veterinary medicine often leads to the death of animals. "Physicians against drugs" -was the slogan of the practitioners` conference in Germany in 2007.
In reality, most practitioners hardly ever know even parasitic diseases of people no saying a word about animals.
Also rather problematic is the problem of''persuading''a pet to swallow any pills.
But what can we do to change it? How can we help our lesser brothers?

To suppress the activity of microorganisms, viruses or other parasitic agents do not necessarily apply antibiotics or any other means of pharmacotherapy.
Knowing the rate of metabolic activity of certain pathogens we can affect their frequency fluctuations, which would violate their vital rhythms and thereby inhibit their activity. As shown by appropriate studies, such effects are harmless to the host organism. And ensures complete freedom from any parasites, microorganisms and helminths.

The medical vet device "Pets" allows bioresonant exogenous therapy by electromagnetic fields with amplitude modulation (from 0.1 to 50,000 Hz), high-precision frequency setting.
In carrying out this type of therapy frequencies of Voll, Schmidt, Rife are used.
This type of therapy is combined with any other treatments such as pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc.
Let`s help our pets be healthy and happy!

Recommendations for use

Actinomycosis and nocardiosis
Atypical mycobacterial infection
Acidophilic cell hepatitis of dogs
Bacillary angiomatosis
Aujeszky's disease / pseudorabies
Cat scratch disease (CSD)
Lyme Disease
Disease tizzera
Botulism and tetanus
Influenza virus
Rhinotracheitis virus of cats
Virus plague dogs (VPN)
Virus encephalitis of dogs and cats
Herpes virus cats (HVA)
Infectious anemia cats (gemobartonellez)
Infectious gastroenteritis dogs
CNS infection
Caliciviruses cats (ICC)
Calicivirus infection of dogs
Coronavirus cats
Coronavirus dogs (FAC)
Leprosy cats
Fever Kurikketsiya
Nematodoses (round worms)
Opisthorchiasis and Kolonorhoz.
Parapoksvirusy cats
Dog Parvo (PVA)
Retroviral infection of dogs
Rickettsioses cats
Rotavirus dogs (PBC)
Rotavirus cats
Sintsitiyobrazuyuschy virus cats (SOVCOM)
Staphylococci, Pasteurella and colibacteria,
Streptococcal infections
Antitrematode (flukes)
Hantavirus infection
Cestodosis (ribbon worms)


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