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Medical device "Biomedis M" (Universal-PRO) is designed for bio-resonance therapy (BRT) which  helps to restore mechanisms of recovery and self-regulation damaged  by the disease.
          Module "Contact"
   External optional interface - handheld electrodes (Module "Contact") are intended for exogenous bioresonance electrotherapy by sinusoidal currents of variable frequency (from 0.1 to 10,000 Hz) (therapeutic and antiparasitic program), and endogenous bio-resonance therapy using electromagnetic waves in the frequency range from 0 to 100 MHz, peculiar to an organism of the patient.
  The device (external interface), "PLASMA" is applied together with  the bioresonance therapy device Universal-Pro as an external electromagnetic field emitter in the range of UHF modulated by therapeutic and parasitic frequencie.
Medical device "UNIVERSAL"  is intended for bio-resonance exogenous therapy with electromagnets fields of amplitude modulation from 0.01 to 900 000 Hz and high-precision frequency setting.
Frequencies by Voll, Schmidt, Rife and Clark are used.. The device allows downloading up to 40 programs (therapeutical and anti-parasitic as well) compiled in the medical complexes each of 10 programmes.
We present you a line of devices "Biomedis-Mini" designed for the restoration of your health.
The task of the device "Biomedis Mini" is in gradually raising up the energy potential of healthy organs and systems .
The medical devices of bioresonance and antiparasitic therapy «Biomedis-Mini» have sets of special medical programs and use hundreds of frequencies selected by Rife for destruction of the broadest spectrum of parasites,protozoa, bacteria and viruses.

The device "Biomedis-Mini" will help you to maintain your personal health every day of your life Here you can see
the detailed description of  all sets of programmes for "Biomedis-Mini"
Biomedis-mini for musculoskeletal system

  Biomedis-mini for Cardiovascular system        

   Biomedis-mini for gastrointestinal tract
Biomedis-mini for the regulation of female urinogenital system.

   Biomedis-mini for endocrine system 
    Biomedis-mini for eyes (ophthalmology)   

  Biomedis-mini for the regulation   of a man's urinogenital system   

 Biomedis-mini for for drivers "Bon Voyage!"  

    Biomedis-mini for the regulation of Bronho- pulmonary system (pulmonology, phthisiology)                                                                                                                                                       
 Biomedis-mini for the regulation of the functions of skin and its appendages  (Dermatology, Venerologyoral 


Biomedis-mini for the regulation of nasopharynx, cavity    (otolaryngology, dentistry)                                                   

         Medical device for home pets
The device is designed to impact on the affected organs of animals with electromagnetic low-frequency radiation, restoring and controlling all vital processes in the body of your home pets.The set of programs designed for the recovery of pets is loaded in the device.
       Individual Color Therapy device "Svetoch"
Color Therapy device "Svetoch" being the development of range of quantum devices, made ​​ with modern technologies is intended for individual use at work and at home to prevent human psychophysiological disorders, psychological rehabilitation (reducing the overall stress load), as well as for removal eye strain.Lights included are purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.
PRICE: 330 $.
The programmer is designed for recording and reading from the device Universal programs . Together with VIMlink programmes allows you to configure your device for the treatment of many diseases.
PRICE: 40$
         Program VIMlink
Program VIMlink contains in its database more than 2500 programs for the treatment of a wide range of diseases. It allows to reveal and maximize the potential of both Universal and devices of previous versions.
PRICE: 35$
              Programmer + program VIMlink
A set of programmes and applications VIMlink is the best choice for those who want to maximize the effectiveness of treatment both with the help of device Universal and the devices of previous versions (such as DETA -AP an DETA-Ritm ). More than 2500 programs to treat a wide range of diseases - at your service at any time.
PRICE: 75$
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2 Kawie Sardi  
I am interested in your Programmer+Program VMLink. What is the best offer price? I also interested in the Plasma module. Do you accept PayPal? Thanks.

Kawie Srdi

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1 Michael Nah  
Great devices!!!

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