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  Hello, dear guests !!!  If you are interested in a healthy life you are in the right place...
My name is Lyudmila Kuzmicheva,I live in Russia, in Saint-Petersburg. My interests concern some aspects of alternative medicine, such as bioresonance therapy,antioxidant therapy, color therapy and functional food.
This site  was created in order to tell people  about  bioresonance therapy and the devices of bioresonance therapy - the unique developments of Russian scientists of the company "BIOMEDIS". The devices are developed and produced by the company Biomedis and sold by the distributors of the MLM-company VIMGroup, so - I am one of its distributors.< ... Read more »
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To sum up all above mentioned we should look at a human person as the unity of informational, energetic and physical levels and the task of any medicine is to protect the person at all three levels.
    According to it  the following directions were developed by the Russian scientists:
                          &nbs ... Read more »
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 All the blessings of civilization, which surround us - metro, cars, computers, cell phones, home appliances - are sources of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), providing a significant negative impact on our bodies.
Electromagnetic smog

We get up to the sound of an alarm-clock, turn on the electric kettle,a coffee maker,a juicer.  We prepare or heat up breakfast in a microwave oven, iron clothes, use a hair dryer ,shave with an electric razor.  
Then we plan our day, make appointments on a cell phone for meetings, switch on a computer to check e-mail. Then we leave the house and get into jams, this is again another ... Read more »
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To feel the right taste of life, the person should be healthy.
Poor-quality food, psychological stress, hypodynamia, bad ecology – all it leads to the development of many diseases. 

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